Sunday, 20 October 2013

Grayson Perry: Democracy Has Bad Taste

Well good job I have good taste then! ;)

For this particular lecture, Perry was wearing a t-shirt by a Chinese student from Central St Martins, orange 'flatforms' (comfy flats with a 4 inch platform) and 'sea green' tights!
Flatforms is now a thing! To fellow Rufflebutts and I, this is totally the 'normal' person's version of Rocking Horse Shoes (except they probably don't rock).

  • Anyone can enjoy art! (even a Essex Transvestite and this Rufflebutt!)
  • It's hard to judge art
  • 'What is beauty?' - it's constructed by things we're familiar with and influences.
  • Victorian narrative painting - once seemed 'kooky' but then it became popular... (Does something you like becoming popular put you off it?)
  • The Venetian Secret - formula for painting perfect beautiful painting
  • 21st Century Venetian Secret = mathematical formula! 
  • Half decent, non-offensive idea x no. studio assistants ÷ ambitious art dealer
  • 'Art will always be tied to money'
  • 'Validation' - different categories. The big collectors, art dealers, the public
  • Being serious is important
So while I'm not Grayson Perry' biggest fan and I am still suffering *'Loli Shock' from my A-level days where my art teacher compared Lolita fashion to Perry's dresses, I would LOVE to dress him up!
I also find his views on validation interesting. As an artist/ designer I have never thought about it that way. I am happy as long as I sell and profit. I don't need to be validated, I don't need mass numbers to appreciate and like me and my work (if they don't, I would consider that I'm too fabulous, they have bad taste or maybe even both!). However, my target audience is more specific so I've not really ever thought about it like that.
But I do enjoy the new terminology - 'Flatforms'

* Loli Shock = a shocked Lolita

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