Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Workplaces of the Future

The future is something we spend a lot of time thinking about, but what will the workplace be like?

* What will work be like in 2030?

Hopefully the the recession will finally be over and businesses will flourish!
* How old will you be?
* Where will you be working?
Hopefully I will have reached my goal and be able to have a Tea Shop and have successfully launched my line Ink on Sakura.
* Who will you be working with?
Mehmoona! Or any other employees
* How do you think you time will be occupied?
By making cakes, brewing tea, designing and sewing and drawing.
* What do you think your daily routine might involve?
Bed at 4am, up at 12pm! I'll probably start the day by decorating cakes to take out and then working until 5pm followed by going home and doing homey things for 3 days a week and working half day for the other two and spending the rest of the day at home sewing/ drawing.

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