Friday, 27 December 2013

Bamboo Jewellery

Liu, Robert KOrnamentDescription: (2012): 60-65,7.

  • · discussion in the jewellery world about ethical and safe practices in mining for minerals and gems
  • · On a smaller scale, there is some thought about recycling and sustainability among jewellers.
  • · Such concepts are perhaps more applicable to organic materials, but there has been a stigma against ornaments made of such substances, except in various indigenous and certain Asian cultures.
  • · Gustav Reyes's wood and Fred Tate's bamboo/metal jewelry are notable examples of artists using organic materials 
  • · Bamboo is a fast-growing plant for which the attributes beauty and utility match perfectly; the graceful canes consisting of hollow internodes, solid nodes and high lignin content
  • · bamboo in Asian construction scaffolding for high-rise buildings
  • · soothing sounds when the wind blows, are pleasing to touch and some, like the black bamboo, even have medicinal qualities…antibacterial
  • · long history of usage and study, but there is very little in terms of their use for ornaments
  • · bamboo structure relatively intact, while Tomomi Matsunaga (1992) sculpted giant timber bamboo culms into graceful ornaments
  • · internet marketplace, there are commercially-made bent bamboo cane bracelets
  • · steambending bamboo experiment made this method not really very economical or practical, since steaming alone was about two and a half hours, with additional time needed for cooling.
  • · no cane thinner than about 0.3 centimeters diameter was used, nor could I successfully bend any thicker than 0.9 centimeters diameter.
  • · as beautiful as it is sustainable. A clump or small grove of bamboo yields more than enough.

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