Thursday, 2 January 2014

So much for better luck

I still needed to to some comparative shopping for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park cushion project and thought I could go to York City Art Gallery and the Quilting Museum to visit their gift shops and see if they have cushion to compare with. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a wasted trip as both York City Art Gallery AND the Quilting Museum are closed for refurbishment until 2015. 2015!!!
Since the relevant places weren't accessible, I decided to try my luck elsewhere since York has a good variety of museums. I tried the Yorvik, National Trust, D.I.G and the Yorkshire Museum gift shops and none of them sold cushions. I started to get the impression that this was a wasted trip. (I didn't even manage to get the Grand Central!)
However, I do like York as a place and wandered around a bit for nostalgia visiting the Fudge Kitchen for a touch of sampling and reminiscing Hana suggesting making socks out of hot fudge. I also adventured past York Minster and remembered the Spots vs Stripes meet in the summer where we took interestingly posed photos in the court yard (and Erin stealing my pose) where we became a tourist attraction. 
Fabrics and materials don't make me think of things. Places do. The sillier the thing the more vividly it's remembered.
On a brighter note - I managed to get posters put up in Travelling Man and Waterstones for MangaCon in conjunction with Huddersfield Literature Festival 2014! that's gotta be a plus right?

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